Prospects and features of trade in the most highly profitable markets. Online training with Alexander Gerchik

How to increase trading income by introducing
a risk management system and in just a few weeks
to make each transaction considered?

Prospects and features of trade
in the most highly profitable markets

Take online training with Alexander Gerchik,
compose an algorithm according to his author's
trading system by levels and start confidently
entering positions, increasing the number of
profitable transactions


Understand the key features of each market,
the logic of the buyer and seller,
and you can use it profitably during trading
Learn how to work with
the latest tools
Create a personal trading algorithm that
Alexander Gerchik personally checks
Decide on the most suitable work tactic,
taking into account the size of
the deposit andthe amount of time that
you are willing to devote to trading


Start of training:

December 12

Course Duration:

12 lessons
(6 weeks, 2 lessons per week
at a convenient time)


online meetings + recording of these meetings will be available at any time online meetings

What awaits you

Analysis of real
transactions with detailed
explanation and analysis

Formation of own trading algorithm

Checking homework personally by Alexander Gerchik


1. Acquaintance with the markets
and features of work on each


2. Basic concepts in the market

- market participants
- time frames
- tactics of work depending on the role

3. Levels and their classification

- global local levels and
their interaction;
- Definition of key transaction parameters:
stop prices, entry and exit points, ATP

4. Savings, their role in the market

- the logic of accumulation in the market
- how to see accumulations with
major player

5. Trading or investing

- market liquidity
- selection of tools

6. Market position and everything related to it

- position calculation - SL -TP
- RM - MM - DZ

7. Analysis of real transactions and market situations

- on the example of transactions of successful Gerchik’s students
- analysis of your personal transactions

8. Risk and money management

- Mathematics and statistics
- Stop loss as a risk management tool

9. Organization of effective work:

- work time
- workplace
- deals diary and statistics

10. Psychology of trading

- all the subtleties of managing yourself and
emotions during trading

11. Algorithm and its observance

- what is an “algorithm” and why is it needed
- ow to follow the algorithm

12. Summarizing. Q & A session

- answers to your questions
- writing and checking your algorithm


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Access to all educational materials;

Video recordings of all classes;

Individual check
completion algorithm

Written feedback on
every homework in
personal account;

Access to a closed Facebook group of participants;

14 places left


Everything that is included in the Light package, as well as:

Extra week of training
with two video lessons from Alexander Gerchik

Lecture notes for everyone

Access to the gated community of professional traders
- Gerchik's Trading Club within 60 days after training;

Annual subscription to online service

9 places left

You are not risking anything!
100% money back guarantee.

If within a week from the start of training you
realize that for some reason the course
is not suitable for you,
you will receive a refund without
further questions.
Alexander Gerchik has been training for more than 10 years
and more than 10,000+ students have already seen the profitability of his strategy.
We are confident in the effectiveness of our programs. Sign up for a course and see for yourself the correctness of the decision!


San Francisco

“The author's method gives a very clear and reliable transaction”

The presentation of the material in the form of business conversation, no monotonous nachitki. The material itself is, for me, was a unique, original approach gives a very clear and reliable transaction.In the classroom, dealt with all stages of the transaction, up to psychological aspects. A lot of practice and homework. By the end of training, all students see the same situation on the charts. After support ends, you can always turn for advice

San Diego

“All the information immediately after learning to apply in the trade.”

Trained Alexander Gerchik, very much. All the material on the merits, without “water”. Really liked the practical examples on the real charts. The system is really working. Would recommend. For me the most important was that all the information immediately after learning to apply in trading that has a very positive impact on the result.

New York

“I recommend to those who failed and did not give up”

Passed an individual course in may of this year. As a mentor: punctual, opinionated, and outspoken. Pleasantly surprised by the course of Alexander Gerchik and I recommend to those who failed and did not give up. Beginners think! Sure to assess the value of this approach need to lose your Deposit otherwise they will break the system and will blame everyone except themselves

Frequently asked questions


If I'm a beginner, will I understand the information?

- Man is easier to teach from scratch than to retrain.

- The experience of our students, even those whose level of prior training in the program was zero - reached the desired results. The information is organized in very simple, accessible level, so we are sure that You will succeed.


How much training time do I need to allocate in a week?

Classes are held in an online format 2 times a week in the evening.
In addition, you should allocate time to prepare homework.


If I can't attend the webinar, will there be a recording?

If for any reason You miss the webinar, you can always review the recording.


Do you plan to test the acquired knowledge? Homework check sheets or something?

Yes, the program includes homework. Everything is made of d\h and will be checked by Alexander Gerchik.


Can I still follow the training course without technical skills?

Of course. In the learning process, you will receive step by step
instructions and simple tools that can be immediately apply.
If you wish, and have a responsible approach to learning, You will succeed.


Who will provide support in the learning process?

You get full support from the GERCHIK.COM team
and canmessage us Your questions and they willbe
considered as a priority (during working hours support.)

If you are able to carefully analyze the market situation and take risks into account, you can really get profit, regardless of the direction the market is moving. Learn to make smart deals using my 20 years of experience

A. Gerchik