Free online webinar for traders and investors

Free online webinar for traders and investors

From the legend Trader of HBO series
Wall Street Warriors




What do you get as a result of participation

Understanding the logic in the actions of sellers and buyers

Filtered information on the topic, not a ton of porridge from the Internet

Understand trading styles and choose the best one for yourself

Learn to predict price movements in any situation

Understand how to maintain composure when the market goes against you

Analyze your trading system and adequately assess the strengths and weaknesses

Points that make up a profitable trading strategy

10+ Steps to Take for Safe Trading

Answers to questions from the practitioner


The master class is conducted by Alexander Gerchik

Why is that one?

  • A. Gerchik started as an ordinary trader in 1998 at a company with 37 employees. In the year Alexander left the company, the staff population climbed to 2,000, and he held the number one spot.
  • 30% of students find an investor ready to invest in their trading
  • In 2006, A. Gerchik was recognized as the safest trader of our time in the day trading sector according to the Mojo CNBC channel. A person, who trades with a minimum number of losing days per month. And as the most reliable trader, A. Gerchik was invited to participate in the series “Warriors of Wall Street”, the broadcasting countries of the world.
  • 90% of students enter a new scale of trading and stop-loss deposits.
  • During 10 years of trading, Alexander Gerchik did not have a single losing month. He earns millions in trading, which is confirmed by tax returns.
  • Thanks to trading Alexander Gerchik has fully realized the American dream.
  • 1-2 people start projects with Alexander Gerchik or receive money for management.
  • All 20 years he traded only with his own money.
  • The only trainer who invests his own money in the trade of his students.

Alexander Gerchik has three successfully passed exams


Who is necessary to participate

NEWBIES Choose a market and / or decide on a trading style.

Result:You’ll get the necessary knowledge to start trading: instruments, brokers, initial deposit amount and answers to all questions.

ADVANCED You have been trading for some time, but you do not have significant results, a clear algorithm of actions, your personal trading strategy and most of all you do not want to merge your deposit.

Result: The risk management system is registered and set. You will know exactly the allowable number of losing trades per day, what to do if “gone” and “did not go”.

EXPERIENCES It does not matter how much you earn now and how much you may have in your account. By participating in an online conference, you will learn how not only to trade in plus, but also to increase your volume.

Result: You will understand what and what to do in order to painlessly increase your volume, using certain secrets that you previously ignored. Usually webinars talk about everything and about nothing ... It will be different here.

Come for a systematic approach
and confidently enter any world market!